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February 13, 2024

Are you looking for a way to cover a big expense in your life? If so, you may have wondered, what are personal loans…and can they help you meet the financial needs you’re facing?

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Personal Loans 101: What Are They?

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Mortgage

Should I Take Out A Student Loan? When To Get Them And How To Manage

Your First Car Loan: Everything You Need To Know To Save

Love or Fraud? Recognizing the Warning Signs of an Online Romance Scam

5 Ways To Raise Financially Savvy Kids In An Instant Gratification World

Allowances 101: Should You Give Your Child An Allowance?

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child? How Parenthood Changes Your Finances

Money Lessons For The Whole Family And Where To Find Them

Navigating the New Year: Members Choice Credit Union Advocates Financial Wellness

Maximizing Your Financial Health for a Prosperous New Year Ahead

New Year's Money Resolutions

Members Choice Credit Union Shares Key Financial Wellness Strategies for the New Year

Why You Should Stop Using Payment Apps To Store Cash

Bull Markets vs. Bear Markets: What You Should Know

How To Handle Market Volatility

The Best Recession Moves to Make with Your Money

The Best End-Of-Year Money Moves To Make

Elevate Your Financial Well-being: Mastering Good Credit

The Ins And Outs Of Giving A Gift Of Money (It’s Trickier Than It Seems)

How To Donate Your Unwanted Items

Save On Taxes By “Batching” Your Charitable Donations

How to Choose a Reputable Charity

Members Choice Credit Union Unveils Mortgage Payment Giveaway, Offering Members the Chance to Win $3,000 Toward the Dream of Home Ownership

Student Loan Impact: How Debt Shapes Your Financial Future

How Mortgage Debt Impacts Your Credit (Use It To Figure Out How Much You Can Afford)

How to Find the Best Deal On An Auto Loan (And How Much You Should Spend)

Credit Card Debt: The Best Debt Repayment Methods

Honoring Community Heroes: Members Choice Credit Union Sponsors Katy Area Safety Fest

Members Choice Celebrates Heroes at Upcoming Katy Area Safety Fest

Are I-Bonds The Right Investment For You?

Financial Planners vs. Financial Coaches: What’s The Difference?

The Most Essential Questions to Ask a Financial Planner Before Hiring Them

How to Find a Financial Planner (And Know Which One is Right For You)

How to Know if You Need a Financial Planner

Annuities As A DIY Pension: How They Actually Work In Your Retirement

HSAs vs. FSAs: The Similarities & Differences (And Which Is Best For You)

What’s The Difference Between The Stock Market And The Economy?

Members Choice Credit Union Launches New Mortgage Services Brand

What Does It Mean To Be Diversified? Here Are The Basics

Index Funds vs. ETFs: What They Are And How They Work

How to Invest In Your 401(k) or IRA

A Primer On Buying Your First (Or Fourth) Car

What You Need to Know About Paying For College

Mortgages 101: Getting Started on The Path to Homeownership

Members Choice Credit Union Welcomes Keith Hrnyak as Chief Financial Officer

What to Consider Financially As A First-Time Homebuyer

Summer Vibes and Saving Lives: Members Choice Credit Union to Host Two Blood Drives

How Emergency Funds Work In Practice

Annual Meeting Recap: Celebrating Member Success and Looking Forward

Community Heroes Celebration: A Day of Gratitude and Connection

Annuities 101: How They Work And What They Can Do For You

Why You Need An Estate Plan (And What Should Go In It)

Life Insurance: How Much Do You Need — And How To Get It

Members Choice Credit Union to Host Annual Meeting on May 15, 2023

When Should You Take Social Security?

How To “Trick” Yourself Into Saving More

How Much Should You Save For Retirement?

Dispelling Common Mortgage Misperceptions

The Basics of Retirement Accounts

Six Dates in History That Changed Women’s Financial Futures

Teaching Kids to be Smart With Money

Filing Taxes When You’ve Had a Life Change

Taxes 2023: Deductions You May Not Know About (But Should Be Taking)

Members Choice Credit Union Looks to Empower Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs as Title Sponsor of Lemonade Day Katy

How to Prepare For Next Year’s Tax Season Now

Reasons You May Want to Choose a Credit Union Instead of a Bank

Money Fights & How to Avoid Them

Parenthood: How Children Change Your Financial Picture

Combining Your Finances and Talking to Your Spouse About Money

Why is Money So Emotional?

Emergency Funds 101: The Key to Staying Debt Free & Sane

How To Create A Budget And What to Put Into It

Why You Need a Budget: How Budgeting Can Help You Reach Your Long-Term Goals

Members Choice Credit Union Names New CEO

Tip Sheets to Help you #SeeYourselfInCyber

Think Before You Click - Tips to Help You Spot Potential Phishing Attempts

Tips to #SeeYourselfInCyber All Year Round

Members Choice Credit Union joins the 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Campaign

Tips on Giving to Charitable Causes

Tips to Avoid Phone Scammers

Tips to Help you #BeCyberSmart All Year Round

Cybersecurity Career Paths for Valuable Professional Growth

Tip Sheets to Help you #BeCyberSmart

Members Choice Credit Union joins the Cybersecurity Awareness Month Campaign

Give Your Youth the Real-Life Experience of Entrepreneurship with Lemonade Day Katy!

Staying Safe from Spoofing Attacks

Talking to Your Kids about Personal Finances: Helpful Tips

What You Should Know About Tech Support Scams

Car Buying: The Basics of Getting Started

Keeping Your Card Secure On And Offline

Five Hidden Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund

Debt Solution Options To Improve Your Credit and Take Control of Your Finances

Managing Your Finances if You’ve Had a Change or Loss of Income

Stay Safe and Alert. Tips to Avoid Common Coronavirus Scams.

Ways to Access Your Members Choice Account Safely

Protecting Your Credit During a Pandemic

How to Use Your Stimulus Check for Financial Wellness

Should I swipe my card or insert the chip when paying? What’s the difference?

Be Aware and Stay Safe – Tips to Avoid COVID-19 Scams

A Grand Opening for the new Members Choice Grand Parkway Branch Location

Members Choice “Day of Service” is a Community Highlight, and Part of a Record-Breaking Year of Exceptional Giving

Easy Does It

Better Score, Better Mortgage

How To Maximize Summer Savings

Members Choice Credit Union Employees Raise Over $17,000 for Local Charities

The Pathway to Mortgage Pre-Approval

How To Protect Your Identity

Members Choice Credit Union Reaffirms Commitment to Members and Local Community During Annual Meeting

Why You Should Care About Attending the Members Choice Credit Union Annual Meeting

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union and Katy ISD host 2019 Teacher of the Year Luncheon on April 18th at the Merrell Center

How To Improve Your Credit Score