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Ever wondered if there’s a secret to helping your kids grow up to be financially savvy adults? Robin Tooms from Members Choice Credit Union shares some eye-opening insights: kids who get into the habit of managing money early tend to have better credit scores and less debt later in life. It’s like giving them a financial superpower!

Robin suggests that as soon as your little ones begin to understand the basics of saving versus spending—often around the age of five—it’s the perfect time to start their financial education. And by the time they hit ten and are already handling their own money from chores or birthday gifts, they’re ready to start managing money in real-life situations.


One brilliant way to get this ball rolling is by opening a checking account with a debit card for them. Think of it as their training wheels for money management. Whether they're saving up their allowance, cash from babysitting, or that proud moment they get paid for acing a test, a checking account teaches them how to keep track of their money.

What’s super important in a kid’s checking account? Look for one that not just holds their money, but teaches them along the way. Features like saving strategies and spending tools, and especially resources about avoiding financial scams are crucial. We live in a world where scams are all too common, and educating our kids and teens on how to spot and steer clear of scams is as important as teaching them to save.

Members Choice Credit Union really knows what works for young savers. They recommend checking accounts specially designed for kids and teens, which come packed with all the right tools to help them understand how money grows through savings and why it’s important to keep an eye on where it goes. Plus, these accounts offer interest rates to make their savings grow even faster.

Getting your kids started with their own checking account helps them learn financial discipline and independence from a young age. It's not just about money—it's about making smart choices, understanding the value of every dollar, and planning ahead. These are skills that will help them in every aspect of their lives.

If you're ready to set your kids on the path to financial wisdom, head over to Members Choice Credit Union’s website. They've got tons of resources and tips to help young folks learn about managing money wisely. Start exploring today and help your child build a strong financial foundation.

For more information on financial literacy resources and account options for kids, visit Members Choice Credit Union’s website at 

Post by Members Choice Credit Union
April 12, 2024