Give Your Youth the Real-Life Experience of Entrepreneurship with Lemonade Day Katy!

Posted by Members Choice Credit Union on July 15, 2021

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What is Lemonade Day Katy?

Lemonade Day is a free experiential, educational program for elementary and middle school age youth that introduces them to entrepreneurship and provides them with the opportunity to run a real business and make their own money. Registered youth will receive free access to online educational materials with lessons on setting a goal, creating a lemonade product, making a budget, finding an investor, choosing a location, building a stand, marketing their business, and ultimately creating a business plan for their first business…a lemonade stand. Families (or mentors) work through the curriculum together with the participants to make a plan, build a stand, and execute their plan on Lemonade Day.

The curriculum, activities, services, products and resources of Lemonade Day are made possible by the generous donations of individuals, corporations, community organizations and foundations. The money made at each stand on Lemonade Day belongs to the youth participants who operate that stand. 100% of what they make is their business profit. The curriculum encourages youth to spend some, save some, and share some of the profits they acquire.

How Will my Youth Benefit?

In addition to the knowledge they learn through the Lemonade Day lessons, children who participate in the program experience a surge in self-confidence. After participating, many children will, for the first time, see a whole new world of possibilities for their future. 

How does the program work?

First, register the youth in your life. Once they have been registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide you with a login to Lemonopolis, the digital version of the Lemonade Day lessons, and your child will be able to start the lessons immediately! You will also have the option to pick up your physical workbook packetFollow the lesson plans provided and prepare to set up your lemonade stand on August 7th for Lemonade Day Katy! Your youth will have a number of options when determining a location for their lemonade stand. Some participants set up in front of their homes while others request to set up in front of a local business in hopes of getting more traffic. If you do have a business site in mind, be sure to have your youth ask for permission early for the best chance of success. Once you have your location determined, you can add your stand on the Lemonade Day map. Your youth will then reap the rewards of being an entrepreneur and earning a profit from their Lemonade stand! 

Get Started

Ready to get started? Register your youth to run their own business and have fun at the same time by setting up a lemonade stand on Lemonade Day Katy on August 7, 2021 by visiting

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