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Avoid a phone scam, and better protect yourself from fraud or identity theft.

Members Choice cares about the security and privacy of our member's information, and would like to proactively share some information about how you can avoid a phone scam, and better protect yourself from fraud or identity theft. 

A phone scam can occur when a scammer tries to disguise themself as a Members Choice Credit Union employee in an attempt to collect sensitive account information from you. Sometime a scammer will even use tools to make the Caller ID appear to be a number you might recognize. Please use caution when discussing your personal information and accounts over the phone. 

Below are a few tips to help watch out for phone scams: 

  • Be wary of any unexpected calls, texts or emails
    We WILL NOT call you to ask for your information. Our calls are member-initiated, a follow-up call about a matter that you are already aware of, or a notification about any upcoming service changes.

  • Deny any requests for sensitive information
    We WILL NOT ask you for your one-time pin, debit card PIN or full card number. 

  • Provide your name and only the requested account verification information
    We WILL NOT be pushy, use threatening language, or convey a sense of urgency when discussing your account. No MCCU representative will push you to provide more information.

If something doesn’t feel right — hang up and call Members Choice directly at our main line, 281.398.9900. Our Member Service Representatives will always welcome a callback to our main line to help you with your account.

And as always, if you don't recognize a transaction on your account, timely notification is important. Please review the card disputes and fraud claim page for more information and downloadable forms.

Post by Members Choice Credit Union
February 5, 2022